Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Knitting A Plenty

 A very good morning and today i would like to share a couple of my recent knits with you. 
I love knitting and recently just started again after a very long break and I'm hooked again :)

This is my first scarf in a while

These scarfs are very easy to knit and are only a few stitches I cast on 8 stitches
and then just knit garter stitch until the ball of wool is finished...Simples

and this is my favourite which is mine and i have wore it since I cast it off...

 not only do i have a gingham fetish I also have a purple fetish :) so
when I saw this yarn I knew i had to have it. Again cast on 8 stitches using 8mm needles
and knit garter stitch until the ball is is a wee close up

Thanks for stopping by....much appreciated!

 Ali x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I'm A Little Beader

 Evening peeps....this evening I decided to get out one of the beading kits that I bought at Craftaganza by BEADERS COMPANION.

 So out came the mat, the kit got opened and sorted and with my tools at the ready........*gulp I began...I was really nervous as i didn't have Sarah with me to keep me right...

 I cut my wire attached it to the clasps and flattened my crimp bead........

 I layed out my beads in the design and then got to work.......

This is the first layer all done........I then continued and set out the second layer and then finished off the end.
I made a pair of earrings to match to complete the set.

I fell in love with this Create Drop Pendant Kit as soon as I saw it......this is the purple.....and I have decided to give it away as a gift.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this tonight....I have to say it really is all thanks to SARAH as at Craftaganza I didn't think I would be able to bead due to my Arthritis.....Sarah told me otherwise and I'm so glad she did...I'm a Happy Little Beader :O)

Thanks for stopping by....much appreciated!

Ali x